For healthcare/pharma/biotech organizations and the agencies serving them, we’ve got the experience and expertise to help. Our experts have written and done marketing and PR for healthcare organizations across the nation. A partial list: Harvard Medical School, multiple surgical groups, the University of Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Division, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the National Cancer Institute, Fluidigm and numerous technology companies that sell into this vertical.

Skills and on-point experience you won’t see elsewhere
• During a journalism career that included the N.Y. Times and Time Magazine, founder and lead writer Patrick Pawling won multiple awards for his medical writing, including two best-in-the-nation honors from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
• Creative director Sal Emma has written about medical topics from family practice to stereotactic brain surgery, worked as a hospital manager of marketing and public relations, scripted an award-winning healthcare video for children and created web content for Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.
• Contributing writer Byron Laursen authored and co-authored numerous non-fiction books, including two N.Y. Times best-sellers and The Neuro Revolution, which explains the immense worldwide changes neuroscience is delivering.
• Copywriter/editor Felicia Niven handled cancer imaging and AIDS content work for Hill and Knowlton and pharma copywriting for Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb. She also helped publicize Triton Bioscience’s AIDS drug and Cytogen’s imaging techniques and wrote consumer-focused FDA pharma content about Lactaid, Gastroesphogal Reflux Disease (GERD) and benign prostatic hyperplasia. .

Healthcare/pharma samples
Delivering for the Ivy League
- We created this ear, nose and throat website content for Harvard physicians/researchers.

Creative Director/Medical Writer Sal Emma handled web content and video scripting for the University of Pennsylvania’s Behavioral Health Unit.

We developed web content for Allied Surgical Group in New Jersey, Cleveland Clinic competitor University Hospitals, surgical practices, Baptist Health in south Florida, HealthSouth and Mountainside Hospital in New Jersey.

We develop medical infographics and related medical device sell sheets as well.

Intelerad, a Canadian-based company that develops technology to support radiology practices, is a long-time case study client. How a rural radiology group delivers big-city care. How a radiology technology company meets seasonal surges in demand while improving patient care. How Intelerad’s collaborative environment delivers success for radiology companies.

We also did some challenging and very interesting press kit messaging work for a high-IQ company called Fluidigm, which develops, manufactures and markets microfluidic systems in high-growth markets such as single-cell genomics, applied genotyping and sample preparation for targeted resequencing.

Editing services: We’re good at translating “medical speak.” For example, we rewrote several documents from “C-level” executives for annual shareholder reports for Copenhagen-based Ferring, a pioneer in natural and synthetic peptides.