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“Thanks, Pat! Your team is fast and talented.” - Sergeant Marketing, on education work we did.


From Harvard to local schools, we’ve done it
With Felicia Nevin, a writer certified to teach and who is highly experienced in school PR, Pawling Associates Communications is ready for any education deliverable.

Our client list ranges from Harvard University, NextLearn, Grand Canyon University and multiple technology companies that serve the education market down to local school districts. We’ve helped for-profit colleges as well.

Education script: SME writer Felicia Nevin put together this script for a client in New Jersey.

Here’s a release we did for the New Jersey Association of School Administrators.

For-profit colleges and universities: We’ve done a lot of work, including ghostwriting and content consulting, for SignificantFederation, which develops fully accredited for-profit institutions of higher learning, including Grand Canyon University.

Technology in the classroom: Lead writer Patrick Pawling covered this subject for Cisco Systems. Please contact us for a sample.