Pauling Associates


If you’re considering Pawling Associates Communications, please feel free to reach out to me directly for a personal recommendation.”
 - Bill Hale, Network Global Logistics

“Really want to compliment you.” - Cisco Systems

“Great reading. We enjoy working with you.” - Xerox

“You guys ROCK!” - LSI Logic

“Love the direction and tone.” - Seagate

“It’s not easy nailing a technical ghostwriting job on the first try, but you did it. Thanks.” - Blanc & Otus

 ‘You are proving to be well worth my investment!’ - Co-founder of a startup technology company



Tech is where Pawling Associates was born and raised

Our founder’s first tech client was Cisco Systems. At the time, Cisco was looking for somebody who could tell a story, which he could handle. He barely knew what a server was, but he learned, and the frustrated engineer in him found it extremely interesting. The lessons he learned early – tell it simply, and with power – continue to inform his team’s work today.

Simple is good, but it’s not always easy. We learn your technology benefits, get to know your customers and then determine how to engage, persuade and sell.

Our clients, either directly or through agencies, have included Infosys, Cognizant, Sungard, Xerox, Citrix Systems, Verio, Computer Associates, Network Appliance, NCR, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, LSI Logic … the list goes on. We list a few samples below, but if nothing is on point let us know

Where healthcare and tech meet: We’ve done a ton of work for Canada-based Intelerad, including messaging consulting, press releases, case studies, email blast content, branding and whitepapers.

We also did some challenging and very interesting press kit messaging work for a high-IQ company called Fluidigm, which develops, manufactures and markets microfluidic systems in high-growth markets such as single-cell genomics, applied genotyping and sample preparation for targeted resequencing. 

Sungard work: We helped explain its availability services.

Satellite communications: We created content for Norway-based Vizada Networks.

Risk management: Founder and lead writer Pat Pawling wrote a monthly column on risk management. Just ask for samples.

A powerful sales tool for SafeNet: This is a live example of Web copy we did for SafeNet, a global leader in information security. Our rewrite involved taking scores of files written by SafeNet sales and technical people and giving it all a single, powerful voice.

Newsletter work: We’ve done case studies, newsletters, trade show materials and web content for Concurrent Computer.