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“Are you crazy?” – Pawling Associates’ Creative Director, after Patrick Pawling told him how little a client was charged for a rush job

Blogging & Social Media

Your voice – just easier
Done correctly, social media and blogging can have a profoundly positive effect on branding, sales and revenues. Trouble is, not a lot of people have the time to do it right. We can help.

Sometimes we create the content for blogs. Sometimes we take rough drafts and make them pretty and persuasive. The trick is our ability to become intimately familiar with your products, services, customers and competitors. Here’s something we recently did for a client that wound up on Southwest Airlines’ blog.

On the consumer side, 8 steps for a better night’s sleep, for Natural Form and for a banking customer, tips for safely using your debit card and how the bank keeps business at home – both with Facebook updates.

Lessons on how to handle negative online reviews, from British Airways.

This is a blog Writer and Creative Director Sal Emma was handling for a client.

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