Law firm messaging

Maybe it helps that we have an “in-house” legal expert: Pawling & Associates founder and lead writer Patrick Pawling is married to a public defender who previously served as an assistant prosecutor. Or maybe it’s the fact that Pawling covered criminal and civil actions during his days as a reporter – and he now writes high-profile attorney profiles for SuperLawyers magazine. We know how to handle law-related copywriting.

We are currently handling brochure and web content for the largest construction-focused law firm in the country. Please let us know if you want samples.

As a contractor for its agency, we’ve handled a lot of work for Halizer Pettis & Schwamm, including SEO-enhanced website content, FAQs, newsletter articles and more. Please ask for specific samples.

When Wood & Bender, a nationally known firm specializing in insurance enforcement, found itself very much at the center of attention thanks to Eliot Spitzer’s actions against several companies, it called us in to create several pieces. Please ask for samples

Legal feature writing: Patrick Pawling, founder of Pawling Associates and a former N.Y. Times and magazine feature writer, has done numerous articles about high-profile attorneys for Super Lawyers magazine. A few examples.

More? just ask.