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“You are like a god.  Not a god, but LIKE a god.  Perhaps one of the smaller gods …  like the god of Styrofoam shipping peanuts… nonetheless … a god.’ - Head of internal communications for the North American division of a global industrial company who likes our work


Internal Communications

From ghostwriting for CEOs to writing weekly employee newsletters for a global industrial company, we’re highly experienced with internal communications. With more companies geographically disbursed – Pawling Associates Communications among them – it’s vital to communicate regularly.

Privacy prevents us from publicly disclosing all our clients, but if you contact us we’ll be glad to provide multiple references and samples.

Here’s something we did for Honda of America to persuade its dealer network to open eStores.

This is a letter to employees we ghostwrote for the CEO of Arrow Electronics.

We also created multiple internal communications newsletter articles for LSI Logic as well. Please ask for samples.

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