“Great results, personable, high integrity”
“Pat is a tremendous resource for any growing company with a focus on marketing strategy. His ability to adapt to industry-specific jargon and simplify the multitude of acronyms and services that we think differentiate us is  incredible. I have 100% confidence with each project I engage him – I know every project will be completed on time and exceed any requirements we might have. If you’re considering Pawling Associates Communications, please feel free to reach out to me directly for a personal recommendation.”
 - Bill Hale, Network Global Logistics

“Nice Job!”
“Really want to compliment you. Just the kind of case study we look for … powerful information.” - Cisco Systems

“An excellent feel for tone”
“Great reading. We enjoy working with you.” - Xerox

“A joy to work with.” - Fleishman-Hilliard

“You guys ROCK!” - LSI Logic

“Love the direction and tone”
“The kind of stuff I can’t write but wish I could.” - Seagate

“Nailed it”
“It’s not easy nailing a technical ghostwriting job on the first try, but you did it. Thanks.” - Blanc & Otus

“Like a god”
“You are like a god.  Not a god, but LIKE a god.  Perhaps one of the smaller gods…  like the god of Styrofoam shipping peanuts… nonetheless … a god.’ - Head of internal communications for the North American division of a global industrial company who obviously has a great sense of humor

 “I LOVE IT!!!!! You’re hired. :)”
- President of a PR firm who tested us by asking us to do a major rewrite of an email campaign in one hour

 “Personable, on time, high integrity”
“Pat is nothing short of a wordsmith and is an outstanding asset to our firm. He is both professional and a genuinely nice guy, who possesses the particularly sought-after ability to produce excellent written work, with amazing speed — even in the midst of quick-turn deadlines. I give him my highest recommendation for business and PR writing.” - Kimberly Capwell

“Great results, expert, good value”
“Pat is an inventive, out-of-the-box writer my firm has employed to write contributed articles, case studies and product sheets. He takes time to understand my clients and brings the detailed knowledge of multiple industries to make the pieces POP for the intended audience. It has been great working with Pat and I would recommend him as a writer any day of the week.” - Melody Calloway, APR

“Great results, personable, on time”
“Pat’s ability to turn techno-jargon into an understandable easy-read is amazing. I would strongly recommend Pat for any writing project. His professionalism and easy-going personality make him a pleasure to work with.” - Anne Dubin

“Great results, creative”
“With Pawling Associates, there’s minimum hand-holding – you give them a job and they go with it, project managing everything through approvals and handling all the details that help things go smoothly. A strong team, and fun to work with. We have been using them for years and will continue to use them when projects come up.” - Nicole Kimmick

“Personable, good value, on time”
“Patrick has provided several well written, high-tech documents for our clients. He is available at a moment’s notice and is flexible to meet quick deadlines. Whether he is editing an existing document or writing a new document from resource materials, our clients have been extremely pleased with his work.” - Lauren Marchi, Belding Associates

 “Well done!!!!
“THANKS!  Exactly what I had in mind.” - Vantage Data Centers, responding to our rework of a whitepaper

“Glowing reviews”
“CENTURY 21 had GLOWING reviews for you.  Not only for the great writing, but for the excellent client service.  They noted that you were very responsive and very easy to work with. Your great work has earned us more assignments and shows a positive light on the agency as we look to get more work from them in other areas.” - New Jersey marketing/PR agency

“Great piece”
“That was a great piece … You’re a very important part of our investor relations efforts.” - Aurelius Consulting, small-cap IR

“Great work!” - Yahoo! Resumix

“Love what you did.” - Concurrent Computer

“Are you crazy?” - Pawling Associates’ Creative Director when Patrick Pawling told him how little a client was charged for a rush job

 ‘Are you crazy? Do you know what our insurance carrier would say?’
- A senior editor at Life Magazine, upon learning that Pawling Associates Founder and Lead Writer Patrick Pawling had ridden a rodeo bull while researching a story on a bull riding boot camp

Absolutely phenomenal!”
These are brilliant! You really made the story come alive!”
- idiscoverglobal

 ‘You are proving to be well worth my investment!’
- Co-founder of a startup technology company

 Magic from the mundane
“Thank you for making magic out of the mundane. I’m so glad I found you.”
- ROAR Media

Talented team
“Thanks, Pat! Your team is fast and talented – exactly what I need.”
- Sergeant Marketing

 Home run with a press release
“A home-run placement!”
- Regarding a press release we did for MySQL

Help handling clients on a tight timeline
“Our entire team was very impressed with the ease of working with you and were very happy with the site copy! ALL of the clients were happy with the copy. We truly appreciated the fact that you were willing and able to sit in on the client calls with us and were instrumental in defining the direction that they were asking that we go in for their site. We also appreciated and took note that you went the extra mile to deeply research and learn more about each property. This project was on a short timeline and you delivered the copy when you said you would (if not sooner) and were often a step ahead for the next site coming.” - REVOLVE Marketing on real estate web content we created

Another home run
“Home run! Love the title and the lead. Great flow and style, clear copy.”
- Citrix Systems

“Presents complicated data in understandable ways”
“I have worked with Pat on several projects. He came across as one of the most articulate individuals I have met. A thorough professional, he sometimes encouraged me to look beyond the project scope to find additional facts. He has an excellent ability to assimilate and present complicated data in simple, understandable ways. He is great to work with.” - Anindya Bose, Manager –Global SMB Market Sizing, AMI Partners